Solving large scale problems over the doubly nonnegative cone

The recent approach of solving large scale semidefinite programs with a first order method by minimizing an augmented primal-dual function is extended to doubly nonnegative programs. Regularity of the augmented primal-dual function is established under the condition of uniqueness and strict complementarity. The application to the doubly nonnegative cone is motivated by the fact that … Read more

An Augmented Primal-Dual Method for Linear Conic Programs

We propose a new iterative approach for solving linear programs over convex cones. Assuming that Slaters condition is satisfied, the conic problem is transformed to the minimization of a convex differentiable function. This “agumented primal-dual function” or “apd-function” is restricted to an affine set in the primal-dual space. The evaluation of the function and its … Read more