Coordinate shadows of semi-definite and Euclidean distance matrices

We consider the projected semi-definite and Euclidean distance cones onto a subset of the matrix entries. These two sets are precisely the input data defining feasible semi-definite and Euclidean distance completion problems. We characterize when these sets are closed, and use the boundary structure of these two sets to elucidate the Krislock-Wolkowicz facial reduction algorithm. … Read more

Closedness of Integer Hulls of Simple Conic Sets

Let $C$ be a full-dimensional pointed closed convex cone in $R^m$ obtained by taking the conic hull of a strictly convex set. Given $A \in Q^{m \times n_1}$, $B \in Q^{m \times n_2}$ and $b \in Q^m$, a simple conic mixed-integer set (SCMIS) is a set of the form $\{(x,y)\in Z^{n_1} \times R^{n_2}\,|\,\ Ax +By … Read more