An Inexact Proximal-indefinite Stochastic ADMM with applications in 3D CT reconstruction

In this paper, we develop an Inexact Proximal-indefinite Stochastic ADMM (abbreviated as IPS-ADMM) for solving a class of separable convex optimization problems whose objective functions consist of two parts: one is an average of many smooth convex functions and another is a convex but possibly nonsmooth function. The involved smooth subproblem is tackled by an … Read more

A family of accelerated inexact augmented Lagrangian methods with applications to image restoration

In this paper, we focus on a class of convex optimization problems subject to equality or inequality constraints and have developed an Accelerated Inexact Augmented Lagrangian Method (AI-ALM). Different relative error criteria are designed to solve the subproblem of AI-ALM inexactly, and the popular used relaxation step is exploited to accelerate the convergence. By a … Read more

A New Insight on Augmented Lagrangian Method with Applications in Machine Learning

By exploiting double-penalty terms for the primal subproblem, we develop a novel relaxed augmented Lagrangian method for solving a family of convex optimization problems subject to equality or inequality constraints. This new method is then extended to solve a general multi-block separable convex optimization problem, and two related primal-dual hybrid gradient algorithms are also discussed. … Read more