A new single-layer inverse-free fixed-time dynamical system for absolute value equations

In this technical note, a novel single-layer inverse-free fixed-time dynamical system (SIFDS) is proposed to address absolute value equations. The proposed SIFDS directly employs coefficient matrix and absolute value equation function that aims at circumventing matrix inverse operation and achieving fixed-time convergence. The equilibria of the proposed SIFDS is proved to be the unique solution … Read more

A feasible rounding approach for granular optimization problems

We introduce a new technique to generate good feasible points of mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problems. It makes use of the so-called inner parallel set of the relaxed feasible set, which was employed in O. Stein, Error bounds for mixed integer linear optimization problems, Mathematical Programming, Vol. 156 (2016), 101-123, as well as O. Stein, Error … Read more

Error bounds for mixed integer nonlinear optimization problems

We introduce a-posteriori and a-priori error bounds for optimality and feasibility of a point generated as the rounding of an optimal point of the NLP relaxation of a mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problem. Our analysis mainly bases on the construction of a tractable approximation of the so-called grid relaxation retract. Under appropriate Lipschitz assumptions on the … Read more