Inexact Restoration for Minimization with Inexact Evaluation both of the Objective Function and the Constraints

In a recent paper an Inexact Restoration method for solving continuous constrained optimization problems was analyzed from the point of view of worst-case functional complexity and convergence. On the other hand, the Inexact Restoration methodology was employed, in a different research, to handle minimization problems with inexact evaluation and simple constraints. These two methodologies are … Read more

Minimization of nonsmooth nonconvex functions using inexact evaluations and its worst-case complexity

An adaptive regularization algorithm using inexact function and derivatives evaluations is proposed for the solution of composite nonsmooth nonconvex optimization. It is shown that this algorithm needs at most O(|log(epsilon)|.epsilon^{-2}) evaluations of the problem’s functions and their derivatives for finding an $\epsilon$-approximate first-order stationary point. This complexity bound therefore generalizes that provided by [Bellavia, Gurioli, … Read more