Test instances for the traffic assignment problem

This short note on the Traffic Assignment Problem (TAP) provides the relevant information on test problems previously used in the literature to facilitate benchmarking Citation Technical report, Ordecsys, 2008. Article Download View Test instances for the traffic assignment problem

An efficient method to compute traffic assignment problems with elastic demands

The traffic assignment problem with elastic demands can be formulated as an optimization problem, whose objective is sum of a congestion function and a disutility function. We propose to use a variant of the Analytic Center Cutting Plane Method to solve this problem. We test the method on instances with different congestion functions (linear with … Read more

Using ACCPM in a simplicial decomposition algorithm for the traffic assignment problem

The purpose of the traffic assignment problem is to obtain a traffic flow pattern given a set of origin-destination travel demands and flow dependent link performance functions of a road network. In the general case, the traffic assignment problem can be formulated as a variational inequality, and several algorithms have been devised for its efficient … Read more