On Componental Operators in Hilbert Space

We consider a Hilbert space that is a product of a finite number of Hilbert spaces and operators that are represented by “componental operators” acting on the Hilbert spaces that form the product space. We attribute operatorial properties to the componental operators rather than to the full operators. The operatorial properties that we discuss include … Read more

Projection Methods: An Annotated Bibliography of Books and Reviews

Projections onto sets are used in a wide variety of methods in optimization theory but not every method that uses projections really belongs to the class of projection methods as we mean it here. Here projection methods are iterative algorithms that use projections onto sets while relying on the general principle that when a family … Read more

Extrapolation and Local Acceleration of an Iterative Process for Common Fixed Point Problems

We consider sequential iterative processes for the common fixed point problem of families of cutter operators on a Hilbert space. These are operators that have the property that, for any point x∈H, the hyperplane through Tx whose normal is x-Tx always “cuts” the space into two half-spaces one of which contains the point x while … Read more