The Strength of Multi-row Aggregation Cuts for Sign-pattern Integer Programs

In this paper, we study the strength of aggregation cuts for sign-pattern integer programs (IPs). Sign-pattern IPs are a generalization of packing IPs and are of the form {x \in Z^n | Ax = 0} where for a given column j, A_{ij} is either non-negative for all i or non-positive for all i. Our first … Read more

Improving the Randomization Step in Feasibility Pump

Feasibility pump (FP) is a successful primal heuristic for mixed-integer linear programs (MILP). The algorithm consists of three main components: rounding fractional solution to a mixed-integer one, projection of infeasible solutions to the LP relaxation, and a randomization step used when the algorithm stalls. While many generalizations and improvements to the original Feasibility Pump have … Read more

Some lower bounds on sparse outer approximations of polytopes

Motivated by the need to better understand the properties of sparse cutting-planes used in mixed integer programming solvers, the paper [1] studied the idealized problem of how well a polytope is approximated by the use of sparse valid inequalities. As an extension to this work, we study the following “less idealized” questions in this pa- … Read more