On local non-global minimizers of quadratic optimization problem with a single quadratic constraint

In this paper, we consider the nonconvex quadratic optimization problem with a single quadratic constraint. First we give a theoretical characterization of the local non-global minimizers. Then we extend the recent characterization of the global minimizer via a generalized eigenvalue problem to the local non-global minimizers. Finally, we use these results to derive an efficient … Read more

A conjugate gradient-based algorithm for large-scale quadratic programming problem with one quadratic constraint

In this paper, we consider the nonconvex quadratically constrained quadratic programming (QCQP) with one quadratic constraint. By employing the conjugate gradient method, an efficient algorithm is proposed to solve QCQP that exploits the sparsity of the involved matrices and solves the problem via solving a sequence of positive definite system of linear equations after identifying … Read more

Local Nonglobal Minima for Solving Large Scale Extended Trust Region Subproblems

We study large scale extended trust region subproblems (eTRS) i.e., the minimization of a general quadratic function subject to a norm constraint, known as the trust region subproblem (TRS) but with an additional linear inequality constraint. It is well known that strong duality holds for the TRS and that there are efficient algorithms for solving … Read more

A Fast Eigenvalue Approach for Solving the Trust Region Subproblem with an Additional Linear Inequality

In this paper, we study the extended trust region subproblem (eTRS) in which the trust region intersects the unit ball with a single linear inequality constraint. By reformulating the Lagrangian dual of eTRS as a two-parameter linear eigenvalue problem, we state a necessary and sufficient condition for its strong duality in terms of an optimal … Read more