Packing circles in a square: new putative optima obtained via global optimization

The problem of finding the optimal placement of $N$ identical, non overlapping, circles with maximum radius in the unit square is a well known challenge both in classical geometry and in optimization. A database of putative optima is currently maintained at \url{}. Recently, through clever use of an extremely simple global optimization method, we succeeded … Read more

A Trust-Region Algorithm for Global Optimization

We consider the global minimization of a bound-constrained function with a so-called funnel structure. We develop a two-phase procedure that uses sampling, local optimization, and Gaussian smoothing to construct a smooth model of the underlying funnel. The procedure is embedded in a trust-region framework that avoids the pitfalls of a fixed sampling radius. We present … Read more

Local optima smoothing for global optimization

It is widely believed that in order to solve large scale global optimization problems an appropriate mixture of local approximation and global exploration is necessary. Local approximation, if first order information on the objective function is available, is efficiently performed by means of local optimization methods. Unfortunately, global exploration, in absence of some kind of … Read more

A randomized global optimization method for protein-protein docking

In this paper we report results on the problem of docking two large proteins by means of a two-phase monotonic basin hopping method. Given an appropriate force field which is used to measure the interaction energy between two biomolecules which are considered as rigid bodies, we used a randomized global optimization methods based upon the … Read more