On tackling reverse convex constraints for non-overlapping of unequal circles

We study the unequal circle-circle non-overlapping constraints, a form of reverse convex constraints that often arise in optimization models for cutting and packing applications. The feasible region induced by the intersection of circle-circle non-overlapping constraints is highly non-convex, and standard approaches to construct convex relaxations for spatial branch-and-bound global optimization of such models typically yield … Read more

Algorithms for the circle packing problem based on mixed-integer DC programming

Circle packing problems are a class of packing problems which attempt to pack a given set of circles into a container with no overlap. In this paper, we focus on the circle packing problem proposed by L{\’o}pez et.al. The problem is to pack circles of unequal size into a fixed size circular container, so as … Read more

On the impact of symmetry-breaking constraints on spatial Branch-and-Bound for circle packing in a square

We study the problem of packing equal circles in a square from the mathematical programming point of view. We discuss different formulations, we analyse formulation symmetries, we propose some symmetry breaking constraints and show that not only do they tighten the convex relaxation bound, but they also ease the task of local NLP solution algorithms … Read more

Solving the problem of packing equal and unequal circles in a circular container

In this paper we propose a Monotonic Basin Hopping approach and its population-based variant Population Basin Hopping to solve the problem of packing equal and unequal circles within a circular container with minimum radius. Extensive computational experiments have been performed both to analyze the problem at hand, and to choose in an appropriate way the … Read more

Efficiently packing unequal disks in a circle: a computational approach which exploits the continuous and combinatorial structure of the problem

Placing $N$ non-overlapping circles in a smallest container is a well known, widely studied problem that can be easily formulated as a mathematical programming model. Solving this problem is notoriously extremely hard. Recently a public contest has been held for finding putative optimal solutions to a special case in circle packing. The contest saw the … Read more

Disk Packing in a Square: A New Global Optimization Approach

We present a new computational approach to the problem of placing $n$ identical non overlapping disks in the unit square in such a way that their radius is maximized. The problem has been studied in a large number of papers, both from a theoretical and from a computational point of view. In this paper we … Read more

Packing circles in a square: new putative optima obtained via global optimization

The problem of finding the optimal placement of $N$ identical, non overlapping, circles with maximum radius in the unit square is a well known challenge both in classical geometry and in optimization. A database of putative optima is currently maintained at \url{www.packomania.com}. Recently, through clever use of an extremely simple global optimization method, we succeeded … Read more

Test problems of circles in circle packing with behavior constraint and known the optimal solutions

Test problems are generally used to effectively evaluate the algorithms for packing problem. Based on the engineering background of the layout optimization for a retrievable satellite module, this paper describes the test problems for circles packing problem with known optimization solution first. There are N(≦217) circular objects, different in size, packed in a circular container … Read more