The Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows and Incompatibility Constraints in Cold Chain Transportation

This study investigates a new variant of the pickup and delivery problem with time windows (PDPTW) applied in cold chain transportation, which quantifies the effect of time on the quality of perishable products. Multiple commodities with incompatibility constraints are considered, where some types of products cannot be transported in a vehicle simultaneously due to their … Read more

A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Drones

This paper considers a new variant of the vehicle routing problem with drones (VRPD), where multiple vehicles and drones work collaboratively to serve customers. Several practical constraints such as customers’ delivery deadlines and drones’ energy capacity are considered. Different from existing studies, we treat the number of drones taken by each vehicle as a decision … Read more

Robust Team Orienteering Problem with Decreasing Profits

This paper studies a robust variant of the team orienteering problem with decreasing profits (TOP-DP), where a fleet of vehicles are dispatched to serve customers with decreasing profits in a limited time horizon. The service times at customers are assumed to be uncertain, which are characterized by a budgeted uncertainty set. Our goal is to … Read more

Robust Drone Delivery with Weather Information

Drone delivery has garnered significant attention recently due to its potential for faster delivery at lower cost relative to other delivery options. When scheduling drones from a depot for delivery to various destinations, the dispatcher must take into account the uncertain wind conditions, which affect the delivery times of drones to their destinations. To mitigate … Read more