The sharpest column: stabilizing column generation for the bin packing problem via a lexicographic pricer

In spite of being an extremely successful method to tackle mathematical programs involving a very large number of variables, Column Generation (CG) is known to suffer from stabilization issues which can slow down its convergence significantly. In this article, we propose a new parameter-free stabilization technique for CG based on solving a lexicographic pricing problem. … Read more

Towards an accurate solution of wireless network design problems

The optimal design of wireless networks has been widely studied in the literature and many optimization models have been proposed over the years. However, most models directly include the signal-to-interference ratios representing service coverage conditions. This leads to mixed-integer linear programs with constraint matrices containing tiny coefficients that vary widely in their order of magnitude. … Read more

Robust Optimization under Multi-band Uncertainty – Part I: Theory

The classical single-band uncertainty model introduced by Bertsimas and Sim has represented a breakthrough in the development of tractable robust counterparts of Linear Programs. However, adopting a single deviation band may be too limitative in practice: in many real-world problems, observed deviations indeed present asymmetric distributions over asymmetric ranges, so that getting a higher modeling … Read more