On the Formulation Dependence of Convex Hull Pricing

Convex hull pricing provides a potential solution for reducing out-of-market payments in wholesale electricity markets. This paper revisits the theoretical construct of convex hull pricing and explores its important but underappreciated formulation-dependence property. Namely, convex hull prices may change for different formulations of the same unit commitment problem. After a conceptual exposition of the property, … Read more

Economic Interpretation of Demand Curves in Multi-product Electricity Markets

In the absence of direct demand-side bids for certain reliability products in the wholesale electricity markets, Independent System Operators (ISOs) traditionally use fixed demand requirements with penalty factors to clear the market. This approach does not allow proper tradeoffs between reliability and cost due to the inelasticity of the fixed requirements. Therefore, ISOs have been … Read more

Decomposition and Optimization in Constructing Forward Capacity Market Demand Curves

This paper presents an economic framework for designing demand curves in Forward Capacity Market (FCM). Capacity demand curves have been recognized as a way to reduce the price volatility inherited from fixed capacity requirements. However, due to the lack of direct demand bidding in FCM, obtaining demand curves that appropriately reflect load’s willingness to pay … Read more

Convex Hull Pricing in Electricity Markets: Formulation, Analysis, and Implementation Challenges

Recent widespread interest in Convex Hull Pricing has not been accompanied by an equally broad understanding of the method. This paper seeks to narrow the gap between enthusiasm and comprehension. The connection between Convex Hull Pricing and basic electricity market clearing processes is clearly developed, and a new formulation of the pricing problem is presented. … Read more