Data-Driven Counterfactual Optimization For Personalized Clinical Decision-Making

Chronic diseases have a significant impact on global mortality rates and healthcare costs. Notably, machine learning-based clinical assessment tools are becoming increasingly popular for informing treatment targets for high-risk patients with chronic diseases. However, using these tools alone, it is challenging to identify personalized treatment targets that lower the risks of adverse outcomes to a … Read more

Modified Monotone Policy Iteration for Interpretable Policies in Markov Decision Processes and the Impact of State Ordering Rules

Optimizing interpretable policies for Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) can be computationally intractable for large-scale MDPs, e.g., for monotone policies, the optimal interpretable policy depends on the initial state distribution, precluding standard dynamic programming techniques. Previous work has proposed Monotone Policy Iteration (MPI) to produce a feasible solution for warm starting a Mixed Integer Linear Program … Read more

Interpretable Policies and the Price of Interpretability in Hypertension Treatment Planning

Problem definition: Effective hypertension management is critical to reducing consequences of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, a leading cause of death in the United States. Clinical guidelines for hypertension can be enhanced using decision-analytic approaches, capable of capturing many complexities in treatment planning. However, model-generated recommendations may be uninterpretable/unintuitive, limiting their acceptability in practice. We address this … Read more