A Shared Mobility Based Framework for Evacuation Planning and Operations under Forecast Uncertainty

To meet evacuation needs from carless populations who may require personalized assistance to evacuate safely, we propose a ridesharing-based evacuation program that recruits volunteer drivers before a disaster strikes, and then matches volunteers with evacuees who need assistance once demand is realized. We optimize resource planning and evacuation operations under uncertain spatiotemporal demand, and construct … Read more

Benders Cut Classification via Support Vector Machines for Solving Two-stage Stochastic Programs

We consider Benders decomposition for solving two-stage stochastic programs with complete recourse based on finite samples of the uncertain parameters. We define the Benders cuts binding at the final optimal solution or the ones significantly improving bounds over iterations as valuable cuts. We propose a learning-enhanced Benders decomposition (LearnBD) algorithm, which adds a cut classification … Read more

Scenario grouping and decomposition algorithms for chance-constrained programs

A lower bound for a finite-scenario-based chance-constrained program is the quantile value corresponding to the sorted optimal objective values of scenario subproblems. This quantile bound can be improved by grouping subsets of scenarios at the expense of solving larger subproblems. The quality of the bound depends on how the scenarios are grouped. In this paper, … Read more