The set partitioning problem in a quantum context

The set partitioning problem and its decision variant (i.e., the exact cover problem) are combinatorial optimization problems that were historically crucial in the quantum optimization community. This problem is also employed in the main problem of the branch-and-price approach in many real-world optimization problems, including, but not limited to, redistricting and scheduling. Motivated by recent … Read more

Linear-size formulations for connected planar graph partitioning and political districting

Motivated by applications in political districting, we consider the task of partitioning the n vertices of a planar graph into k connected components. We propose an extended formulation that has two desirable properties: (i) it uses just O(n) variables, constraints, and nonzeros, and (ii) it is perfect. To explore its ability to solve real-world problems, … Read more

Maximizing resilience in large-scale social networks

Motivated by the importance of social resilience as a crucial element in cascading leaving of users from a social network, we study identifying a largest relaxed variant of a degree-based cohesive subgraph: the maximum anchored k-core problem. Given graph G=(V,E) and integers k and b, the maximum anchored k-core problem seeks to find a largest … Read more