Linearizing the Method of Conjugate Gradients

The method of conjugate gradients (CG) is widely used for the iterative solution of large sparse systems of equations $Ax=b$, where $A\in\Re^{n\times n}$ is symmetric positive definite. Let $x_k$ denote the $k$–th iterate of CG. In this paper we obtain an expression for $J_k$, the Jacobian matrix of $x_k$ with respect to $b$. We use … Read more

Conjugate-gradients versus multigrid solvers for diffusion-based correlation models in data assimilation

This paper provides a theoretical and experimental comparison between conjugate-gradients and multigrid, two iterative schemes for solving linear systems, in the context of applying diffusion-based correlation models in data assimilation. In this context, a large number of such systems has to be (approximately) solved if the implicit mode is chosen for integrating the involved diffusion … Read more

On a class of limited memory preconditioners for large scale linear systems with multiple right-hand sides

This work is concerned with the development and study of a class of limited memory preconditioners for the solution of sequences of linear systems. To this aim, we consider linear systems with the same symmetric positive definite matrix and multiple right-hand sides available in sequence. We first propose a general class of preconditioners, called Limited … Read more