Transmission Expansion Planning with Re-design

Expanding an electrical transmission network requires heavy investments that need to be carefully planned, often at a regional or national level. We study relevant theoretical and practical aspects of transmission expansion planning, set as a bilinear programming problem with mixed 0-1 variables. We show that the problem is NP-hard and that, unlike the so-called Network … Read more

Stochastic binary problems with simple penalties for capacity constraints violations

This paper studies stochastic programs with first-stage binary variables and capacity constraints, using simple penalties for capacities violations. In particular, we take a closer look at the knapsack problem with weights and capacity following independent random variables and prove that the problem is weakly \NP-hard in general. We provide pseudo-polynomial algorithms for three special cases … Read more

An improved Benders decomposition applied to a multi-layer network design problem

Benders decomposition has been widely used for solving network design problems. In this paper, we use a branch-and-cut algorithm to improve the separation procedure of Gabrel et al. and Knippel et al. for capacitated network design. We detail experiments on bilayer networks, comparing with Knippel’s previous results. Citation Technical Reports of the ULB Computer Science … Read more