Strict Complementarity in MaxCut SDP

The MaxCut SDP is one of the most well-known semidefinite programs, and it has many favorable properties. One of its nicest geometric/duality properties is the fact that the vertices of its feasible region correspond exactly to the cuts of a graph, as proved by Laurent and Poljak in 1995. Recall that a boundary point x … Read more

Pointed Closed Convex Sets are the Intersection of All Rational Supporting Closed Halfspaces

We prove that every pointed closed convex set in $\mathbb{R}^n$ is the intersection of all the rational closed halfspaces that contain it. This generalizes a previous result by the authors for compact convex sets. Citation arXiv:1802.03296. February 2018 Article Download View Pointed Closed Convex Sets are the Intersection of All Rational Supporting Closed Halfspaces

A Notion of Total Dual Integrality for Convex, Semidefinite, and Extended Formulations

Total dual integrality is a powerful and unifying concept in polyhedral combinatorics and integer programming that enables the refinement of geometric min-max relations given by linear programming Strong Duality into combinatorial min-max theorems. The definition of total dual integrality (TDI) revolves around the existence of optimal dual solutions that are integral, and thus naturally applies … Read more

An Axiomatic Duality Framework for the Theta Body and Related Convex Corners

Lovász theta function and the related theta body of graphs have been in the center of the intersection of four research areas: combinatorial optimization, graph theory, information theory, and semidefinite optimization. In this paper, utilizing a modern convex optimization viewpoint, we provide a set of minimal conditions (axioms) under which certain key, desired properties are … Read more


Utilizing dual descriptions of the normal cone of convex optimization problems in conic form, we characterize the vertices of semidefinite representations arising from Lovász theta body, generalizations of the elliptope, and related convex sets. Our results generalize vertex characterizations due to Laurent and Poljak from the 1990’s. Our approach also leads us to nice characterizations … Read more

Min-Max Theorems Related to Geometric Representations of Graphs and their SDPs

Lovasz proved a nonlinear identity relating the theta number of a graph to its smallest radius hypersphere embedding where each edge has unit length. We use this identity and its generalizations to establish min-max theorems and to translate results related to one of the graph invariants above to the other. Classical concepts in tensegrity theory … Read more