Constraint Reduction with Exact Penalization for Model-Predictive Rotorcraft Control

Model Predictive Control (also known as Receding Horizon Control (RHC)) has been highly successful in process control applications. Its use for aerospace applications has been hindered by its high computational requirements. In the present paper, we propose using enhanced primal-dual interior-point optimization techniques in the convex-quadratic-program-based RHC control of a rotorcraft. Our enhancements include a … Read more

Infeasible Constraint-Reduced Interior-Point Methods for Linear Optimization

Constraint-reduction schemes have been proposed for the solution by means of interior-point methods of linear programs with many more inequality constraints than variables in standard dual form. Such schemes have been shown to be provably convergent and highly efficient in practice. A critical requirement of these schemes is the availability of an initial dual-feasible point. … Read more