Modeling recreational systems using optimization techniques and information technologies

Due to intrinsic complexity and sophistication of decision problems in tourism and recreation, respective decision making processes can not be implemented without making use of modern computer technologies and operations research approaches. In this paper, we review research works on modeling recreational systems. Citation Annals of Operations Research (accepted) Article Download View Modeling recreational systems … Read more

Nonserial dynamic programming and local decomposition algorithms in discrete programming

One of perspective ways to exploit sparsity in the dependency graph of an optimization problem as J.N. Hooker stressed is nonserial dynamic programming (NSDP) which allows to compute solution in stages, each of them uses results from previous stages. The class of discrete optimization problems with the block-tree-structure matrix of constraints is considered. Nonserial dynamic … Read more

A comparison of complete global optimization solvers

Results are reported of testing a number of existing state of the art solvers for global constrained optimization and constraint satisfaction on a set of over 1000 test problems in up to 1000 variables. Citation submitted to the special issue on Global Optimization of Math. Programming Article Download View A comparison of complete global optimization … Read more

Safe bounds in linear and mixed-integer programming

Current mixed-integer linear programming solvers are based on linear programming routines that use floating point arithmetic. Occasionally, this leads to wrong solutions, even for problems where all coefficients and all solution components are small integers. It is shown how, using directed rounding and interval arithmetic, cheap pre- and postprocessing of the linear programs arising in … Read more