Hub Network Design Problem with Capacity, Congestion and Stochastic Demand Considerations

We introduce the hub network design problem with congestion, capacity, and stochastic demand considerations (HNDC), which generalizes the classical hub location problem in several directions. In particular, we extend state-of-the-art by integrating capacity acquisition decision and congestion cost effect into the problem and allowing dynamic routing for origin-destination pairs. Connecting strategic and operational level decisions, … Read more

The two-echelon location-routing problem with time windows: Formulation, branch-and-price, and clustering

In this study, we consider the two-echelon location-routing problem with time windows (2E-LRPTW) to address the strategic and tactical decisions of the urban freight transportation. In the rst echelon, freights are delivered from city distribution centers (CDCs) to intermediate facilities, called satellites, in large batches. In the second echelon, goods are consolidated into smaller vehicles … Read more