n-step Conic Mixed Integer Rounding Inequalities

We introduce the n-step conic MIR inequalities for the so-called polyhedral second-order conic (PSOC) mixed integer sets. PSOC sets arise in the polyhedral reformulation of the second-order conic mixed integer programs. Moreover, they are an equivalent representation for any mixed integer set defined by two linear constraints. The simple conic MIR inequalities of Atamt├╝rk and … Read more

Mixed n-Step MIR Inequalities: Facets for the n-Mixing Set

Gunluk and Pochet [O. Gunluk, Y. Pochet: Mixing mixed integer inequalities. Mathematical Programming 90(2001) 429-457] proposed a procedure to mix mixed integer rounding (MIR) inequalities. The mixed MIR inequalities define the convex hull of the mixing set $\{(y^1,\ldots,y^m,v) \in Z^m \times R_+:\alpha_1 y^i + v \geq \b_i,i=1,\ldots,m\}$ and can also be used to generate valid … Read more

A Polyhedral Study of Triplet Formulation for Single Row Facility Layout Problem

The Single Row Facility Layout Problem (SRFLP) is the problem of arranging n departments with given lengths on a straight line so as to minimize the total weighted distance between all department pairs. We present a polyhedral study of the triplet formulation of the SRFLP introduced by Amaral [Discrete Applied Mathematics 157(1)(2009)183-190]. For any number … Read more