On achieving strong necessary second-order properties in nonlinear programming

Second-order necessary or sufficient optimality conditions for nonlinear programming are usually defined by means of the positive (semi-)definiteness of a quadratic form, or a maximum of quadratic forms, over the critical cone. However, algorithms for finding such second-order stationary points are currently unknown. Typically, an algorithm with a second-order property approximates a primal-dual point such … Read more

Global Convergence of Algorithms Under Constant Rank Conditions for Nonlinear Second-Order Cone Programming

In [R. Andreani, G. Haeser, L. M. Mito, H. Ramírez C., Weak notions of nondegeneracy in nonlinear semidefinite programming, arXiv:2012.14810, 2020] the classical notion of nondegeneracy (or transversality) and Robinson’s constraint qualification have been revisited in the context of nonlinear semidefinite programming exploiting the structure of the problem, namely, its eigendecomposition. This allows formulating the … Read more