A hybrid approach for Bi-Objective Optimization

A large number of the real world planning problems which are today solved using Operations Research methods are actually multi-objective planning problems, but most of them are solved using single-objective methods. The reason for converting, i.e. simplifying, multi- objective problems to single-objective problems is that no standard multi-objective solvers exist and specialized algorithms need to … Read more

Flow formulations for curriculum-based course timetabling

In this paper we present two mixed-integer programming formulations for the curriculum based course timetabling problem (CTT). We show that the formulations contain underlying network structures by dividing the CTT into two separate models and then connect the two models using flow formulation techniques. The first mixed-integer programming formulation is based on an underlying minimum … Read more

The Quadratic Selective Travelling Saleman Problem

A well-known extension of the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) is the Selective TSP (STSP): Each node has an associated profit and instead of visiting all nodes, the most profitable set of nodes, taking into account the tour cost, is visited. The Quadratic STSP (QSTSP) adds the additional complication that each pair of nodes have an … Read more