A primal heuristic to compute an upper bound set for multi-objective 0-1 linear optimisation problems

This paper presents an algorithm aiming to compute an upper bound set for a multi-objective linear optimisation problem with binary variables (p-01LP). Inspired by the well known « Feasibility Pump » algorithm in single objective optimisation, it belongs to the class of primal heuristics. The proposed algorithm, named « Gravity Machine », aims to deal … Read more

Surrogate upper bound sets for bi-objective bi-dimensional binary knapsack problems

The paper deals with the definition and the computation of surrogate upper bound sets for the bi-objective bi-dimensional binary knapsack problem. It introduces the Optimal Convex Surrogate Upper Bound set, which is the tightest possible definition based on the convex relaxation of the surrogate relaxation. Two exact algorithms are proposed: an enumerative algorithm and its … Read more