On Equivalence of Semidefinite Relaxations for Quadratic Matrix Programming

In this paper, we analyze two popular semidefinite programming \SDPb relaxations for quadratically constrained quadratic programs \QCQPb with matrix variables. These are based on \emph{vector-lifting} and on \emph{matrix lifting} and are of different size and expense. We prove, under mild assumptions, that these two relaxations provide equivalent bounds. Thus, our results provide a theoretical guideline … Read more

Sensor Network Localization, Euclidean Distance Matrix Completions, and Graph Realization

We study Semidefinite Programming, \SDPc relaxations for Sensor Network Localization, \SNLc with anchors and with noisy distance information. The main point of the paper is to view \SNL as a (nearest) Euclidean Distance Matrix, \EDM, completion problem and to show the advantages for using this latter, well studied model. We first show that the current … Read more

A Matrix-lifting Semidefinite Relaxation for the Quadratic Assignment Problem

The quadratic assignment problem (\QAP) is arguably one of the hardest of the NP-hard discrete optimization problems. Problems of dimension greater than 20 are considered to be large scale. Current successful solution techniques depend on branch and bound methods. However, it is difficult to get \emph{strong and inexpensive} bounds. In this paper we introduce a … Read more