Fully Adaptive Distributionally Robust Multi-stage Framework for Uncertain Unit Commitment Based on Mixed Decision Rules

With growing penetration of wind power into the power grid, while achieving low cost sustainable electricity supply, it also introduces technical challenges with the associated intermittency. This paper proposes a fully adaptive Was-serstein-based distributionally robust multi-stage frame-work based on mixed decision rules (MDR) for uncertain unit commitment problem (UUC) to better adapt wind pow-er respecting … Read more

Multiple-Periods Locally-Facet-Based MIP Formulations for the Unit Commitment Problem

The thermal unit commitment (UC) problem has historically been formulated as a mixed integer quadratic programming (MIQP), which is difficult to solve efficiently, especially for large-scale systems. The tighter characteristic reduces the search space, therefore, as a natural consequence, significantly reduces the computational burden. In literatures, many tightened formulations for a single unit with parts … Read more

A Fully Distributed Dual Consensus ADMM Based on Partition for DC-OPF with Carbon Emission Trading

This paper presents a novel fully distributed alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) approach for solving the direct current optimal power flow with carbon emission trading (DC-OPF-CET) problem. Different from the other ADMM-based distributed approaches which disclosing boundary buses and branches information among adjacent subsystems, our proposed method adopts a new strategy by using ADMM … Read more