Disruption Recovery at Airports: Integer Programming Formulations and Polynomial time algorithms

We study disruptions at a major airport. Disruptions could be caused by bad weather, for example. Our study is from the perspective of the airport, the air services provider (such as air traffic control) and the travelling public, rather than from the perspective of a single airline. Disruptions cause flights to be subjected to ground … Read more

Complex Number Formulation and Convex Relaxations for Aircraft Conflict Resolution

We present a novel complex number formulation along with tight convex relaxations for the aircraft conflict resolution problem. Our approach combines both speed and heading control and provides global optimality guarantees despite non-convexities in the feasible region. As a side result, we present a new characterization of the conflict separation condition in the form of … Read more

The Time Dependent Traveling Salesman Planning Problem in Controlled Airspace

The integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into civil airspace is one of the most challenging problems for the automation of the Controlled Airspace, and the optimization of the UAS route is a key step for this process. In this paper, we optimize the planning phase of a UAS mission that consists of departing from … Read more

Aircraft deconfliction with speed regulation: new models from mixed-integer optimization

Detecting and solving aircraft conflicts, which occur when aircraft sharing the same airspace are too close to each other according to their predicted trajectories, is a crucial problem in Air Traffic Management. We focus on mixed-integer optimization models based on speed regulation. We first solve the problem to global optimality by means of an exact … Read more