Generalized Chvatal-Gomory closures for integer programs with bounds on variables

Integer programming problems that arise in practice often involve decision variables with one or two sided bounds. In this paper, we consider a generalization of Chvatal-Gomory inequalities obtained by strengthening Chvatal-Gomory inequalities using the bounds on the variables. We prove that the closure of a rational polyhedron obtained after applying the generalized Chvatal-Gomory inequalities is … Read more

On the polyhedrality of closures of multi-branch split sets and other polyhedra with bounded max-facet-width

For a fixed integer $t > 0$, we say that a $t$-branch split set (the union of $t$ split sets) is dominated by another one on a polyhedron $P$ if all cuts for $P$ obtained from the first $t$-branch split set are implied by cuts obtained from the second one. We prove that given a … Read more

On quantile cuts and their closure for chance constrained optimization problems

A chance constrained optimization problem over a finite distribution involves a set of scenario constraints from which a small subset can be violated. We consider the setting where all scenario constraints are mixed-integer convex. Existing works typically consider a mixed integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) formulation of this problem by introducing binary variables to indicate which … Read more

On mixing inequalities: rank, closure and cutting plane proofs

We study the mixing inequalities which were introduced by Gunluk and Pochet (2001). We show that a mixing inequality which mixes n MIR inequalities has MIR rank at most n if it is a type I mixing inequality and at most n-1 if it is a type II mixing inequality. We also show that these … Read more

MIR Closures of Polyhedral Sets

We study the mixed-integer rounding (MIR) closures of polyhedral sets. The MIR closure of a polyhedral set is equal to its split closure and the associated separation problem is NP-hard. We describe a mixed-integer programming (MIP) model with linear constraints and a non-linear objective for separating an arbitrary point from the MIR closure of a … Read more