First-order algorithm with (ln(1/\epsilon))$ convergence for $\epsilonhBcequilibrium in two-person zero-sum games

We propose an iterated version of Nesterov’s first-order smoothing method for the two-person zero-sum game equilibrium problem $$\min_{x\in Q_1} \max_{y\in Q_2} \ip{x}{Ay} = \max_{y\in Q_2} \min_{x\in Q_1} \ip{x}{Ay}.$$ This formulation applies to matrix games as well as sequential games. Our new algorithmic scheme computes an $\epsilon$-equilibrium to this min-max problem in $\Oh(\kappa(A) \ln(1/\epsilon))$ first-order iterations, … Read more

Convergence Analysis of an Interior-Point Method for Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints

We prove local and global convergence results for an interior-point method applied to mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints. The global result shows the algorithm minimizes infeasibility regardless of starting point, while one result proves local convergence when penalty functions are exact; another local result proves convergence when the solution is not even a KKT point. … Read more