Compact Representations of Structured BFGS Matrices

For general large-scale optimization problems compact representations exist in which recursive quasi-Newton update formulas are represented as compact matrix factorizations. For problems in which the objective function contains additional structure, so-called structured quasi-Newton methods exploit available second-derivative information and approximate unavailable second derivatives. This article develops the compact representations of two structured Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno update formulas. … Read more

On limited-memory quasi-Newton methods for minimizing a quadratic function

The main focus in this paper is exact linesearch methods for minimizing a quadratic function whose Hessian is positive definite. We give two classes of limited-memory quasi-Newton Hessian approximations that generate search directions parallel to those of the method of preconditioned conjugate gradients, and hence give finite termination on quadratic optimization problems. The Hessian approximations … Read more

A limited memory algorithm for inequality constrained minimization

A method for solving inequality constrained minimization problems is described. The algorithm is based on a primal-dual interior point approach, with a line search globalization strategy. A quasi-Newton technique (BFGS) with limited memory storage is used to approximate the second derivatives of the functions. The method is especially intended for solving problems with a large … Read more