Valid Inequalities for Mixed Integer Bilevel Linear Optimization Problems

Despite the success of branch-and-cut methods for solving mixed integer bilevel linear optimization problems (MIBLPs) in practice, there have remained some gaps in the theory surrounding these methods. In this paper, we take a first step towards laying out a theory of valid inequalities and cutting-plane methods for MIBLPs that parallels the existing theory for … Read more

Sequence independent lifting for 0-1 knapsack problems with disjoint cardinality constraints

In this paper, we study the set of 0-1 integer solutions to a single knapsack constraint and a set of non-overlapping cardinality constraints (MCKP). This set is a generalization of the traditional 0-1 knapsack polytope and the 0-1 knapsack polytope with generalized upper bounds. We derive strong valid inequalities for the convex hull of its … Read more

New Inequalities for Finite and Infinite Group Problems from Approximate Lifting

In this paper, we derive new families of piecewise linear facet-defining inequalities for the finite group problem and extreme inequalities for the infinite group problem using approximate lifting. The new valid inequalities for the finite group problem are two- and three-slope facet-defining inequalities as well as the first family of four-slope facet-defining inequalities. The new … Read more