Complexity analysis of second-order line-search algorithms for smooth nonconvex optimization

There has been much recent interest in finding unconstrained local minima of smooth functions, due in part of the prevalence of such problems in machine learning and robust statistics. A particular focus is algorithms with good complexity guarantees. Second-order Newton-type methods that make use of regularization and trust regions have been analyzed from such a … Read more

A nonmonotone truncated Newton-Krylov method exploiting negative curvature directions, for large scale unconstrained optimization: complete results

We propose a new truncated Newton method for large scale unconstrained optimization, where a Conjugate Gradient (CG)-based technique is adopted to solve Newton’s equation. In the current iteration, the Krylov method computes a pair of search directions: the first approximates the Newton step of the quadratic convex model, while the second is a suitable negative … Read more