This paper is a continuation of our previous paper were we presented generalizations of the Dennis-Mor\’e theorem to characterize q-superliner convergences of quasi-Newton methods for solving equations and variational inequalities in Banach spaces. Here we prove Dennis-Mor\’e type theorems for inexact quasi-Newton methods applied to variational inequalities in finite dimensions. We first consider variational inequalities … Read more

An Accelerated Newton Method for Equations with Semismooth Jacobians and Nonlinear Complementarity Problems: Extended Version

We discuss local convergence of Newton’s method to a singular solution $x^*$ of the nonlinear equations $F(x) = 0$, for $F:\R^n \rightarrow \R^n$. It is shown that an existing proof of Griewank, concerning linear convergence to a singular solution $x^*$ from a starlike domain around $x^*$ for $F$ twice Lipschitz continuously differentiable and $x^*$ satisfying … Read more

On a class of nonsmooth composite functions

We discuss in this paper a class of nonsmooth functions which can be represented, in a neighborhood of a considered point, as a composition of a positively homogeneous convex function and a smooth mapping which maps the considered point into the null vector. We argue that this is a sufficiently rich class of functions and … Read more