On Polytopes with Linear Rank with respect to Generalizations of the Split Closure

In this paper we study the rank of polytopes contained in the 0-1 cube with respect to $t$-branch split cuts and $t$-dimensional lattice cuts for a fixed positive integer $t$. These inequalities are the same as split cuts when $t=1$ and generalize split cuts when $t > 1$. For polytopes contained in the $n$-dimensional 0-1 … Read more

Lower bounds on the lattice-free rank for packing and covering integer programs

In this paper, we present lower bounds on the rank of the split closure, the multi-branch closure and the lattice-free closure for packing sets as a function of the integrality gap. We also provide a similar lower bound on the split rank of covering polyhedra. These results indicate that whenever the integrality gap is high, … Read more

Split Rank of Triangle and Quadrilateral Inequalities

A simple relaxation of two rows of a simplex tableau is a mixed integer set consisting of two equations with two free integer variables and non-negative continuous variables. Recently Andersen et al. (2007) and Cornuejols and Margot (2007) showed that the facet-defining inequalities of this set are either split cuts or intersection cuts obtained from … Read more

A Note on Split Rank of Intersection Cuts

In this note, we present a simple geometric argument to determine a lower bound on the split rank of intersection cuts. As a first step of this argument, a polyhedral subset of the lattice-free convex set that is used to generate the intersection cut is constructed. We call this subset the restricted lattice-free set. It … Read more