A PDE-Constrained Generalized Nash Equilibrium Approach for Modeling Gas Markets with Transport

We investigate a class of generalized Nash equilibrium problems (GNEPs) in which the objectives of the individuals are interdependent and the shared constraint consists of a system of partial differential equations. This setup is motivated by the modeling of strategic interactions of competing firms, which explicitly take into account the dynamics of transporting a commodity, … Read more

Error estimates for the Euler discretization of an optimal control problem with first-order state constraints

We study the error introduced in the solution of an optimal control problem with first order state constraints, for which the trajectories are approximated with a classical Euler scheme. We obtain order one approximation results in the $L^\infty$ norm (as opposed to the order 2/3 obtained in the literature). We assume either a strong second … Read more

Lipschitz solutions of optimal control problems with state constraints of arbitrary order

In this paper we generalize to an arbitrary order, under minimal hypotheses, some sufficient conditions for Lipschitz continuity of the solution of a state constrained optimal control problems. The proof combines the approach by Hager in 1979 for dealing with first-order state constraints, and the high-order alternative formulation of the optimality conditions. Citation Published as … Read more

Optimal control of a parabolic equation with time-dependent state constraints

In this paper we study the optimal control problem of the heat equation by a distributed control over a subset of the domain, in the presence of a state constraint. The latter is integral over the space and has to be satisfied at each time. Using for the first time the technique of alternative optimality … Read more