On the complexity of finding first-order critical points in constrained nonlinear optimization

The complexity of finding epsilon-approximate first-order critical points for the general smooth constrained optimization problem is shown to be no worse that O(epsilon^{-2}) in terms of function and constraints evaluations. This result is obtained by analyzing the worst-case behaviour of a first-order shorts-step homotopy algorithm consisting of a feasibility phase followed by an optimization phase, … Read more

Complexity bounds for second-order optimality in unconstrained optimization

This paper examines worst-case evaluation bounds for finding weak minimizers in unconstrained optimization. For the cubic regularization algorithm, Nesterov and Polyak (2006) and Cartis, Gould and Toint (2010) show that at most O(epsilon^{-3}) iterations may have to be performed for finding an iterate which is within epsilon of satisfying second-order optimality conditions. We first show … Read more

On the oracle complexity of first-order and derivative-free algorithms for smooth nonconvex minimization

The (optimal) function/gradient evaluations worst-case complexity analysis available for the Adaptive Regularizations algorithms with Cubics (ARC) for nonconvex smooth unconstrained optimization is extended to finite-difference versions of this algorithm, yielding complexity bounds for first-order and derivative free methods applied on the same problem class. A comparison with the results obtained for derivative-free methods by Vicente … Read more

Geometrical Heuristics for Multiprocessor Flowshop Scheduling with Uniform Machines at Each Stage

We consider the multi-stage multiprocessor flowshop scheduling problem with uniform machines at each stage and the minimum makespan objective. Using a vector summation technique, three polynomial-time heuristics are developed with absolute worst-case performance guarantees. As a direct corollary, in the special case of the ordinary flowshop problem we come to the best approximation algorithms (both … Read more