Global Optimization: Software, Test Problems, and Applications

We provide a concise review of the most prominent global optimization (GO) strategies currently available. This is followed by a discussion of GO software, test problems and several important types of applications, with additional pointers. The exposition is concentrated around topics related to continuous GO, although in certain aspects it is also pertinent to analogous … Read more

Optimality Conditions for Vector Optimization with Set-Valued Maps

Based on near convexity, we introduce the concepts of nearly convexlike set-valued maps and nearly semiconvexlike set-valued maps, give some charaterizations of them, and investigate the relationships between them. Then a Farkas-Minkowski type alternative theorem is shown under the assumption of near semiconvexlikeness. By using the alternative theorem and some other lemmas, we establish necessary … Read more

Recovery of the Analytic Center in Perturbed Quadratic Regions and Applications

We present results to recover an approximate analytic center when a sectional convex quadratic set is perturbed by a finite number of new quadratic inequalities. This kind of restarting may play an important role in some interior-point algorithms that successively refine the region where is the solution of the original problem. Citation Technical Repor ES … Read more