Decentralized Failure-Tolerant Optimization of Electric Vehicle Charging

We present a decentralized failure-tolerant algorithm for optimizing electric vehicle (EV) charging, using charging stations as computing agents. The algorithm is based on the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) and it has the following features: (i) It handles capacity, peak demand, and ancillary services coupling constraints. (ii) It does not require a central agent … Read more

Formulations and Valid Inequalities for Optimal Black Start Allocation in Power Systems

The restoration of a power system after an extended blackout starts around units with enhanced technical capabilities, referred to as black start units (BSUs). We examine the planning problem of optimally allocating these units on the grid subject to a budget constraint. We present a mixed integer programming model based on current literature in power … Read more

A scalable mixed-integer decomposition approach for optimal power system restoration

The optimal restoration problem lies at the foundation of the evaluation and improvement of resilience in power systems. In this paper we present a scalable decomposition algorithm, based on the integer L-shaped method, for solving this problem for realistic power systems. The algorithm works by partitioning the problem into a master problem and a slave … Read more

Strong Mixed-Integer Formulations for Power System Islanding and Restoration

The Intentional Controlled Islanding (ICI) and the Black Start Allocation (BSA) are two examples of problems in the power systems literature that have been formulated as Mixed Integer Programs (MIPs). A key consideration in both of these problems is that each island must have at least one energized generator. In this paper, we provide three … Read more