Processor Speed Control with Thermal Constraints

We consider the problem of adjusting speeds of multiple computer processors sharing the same thermal environment, such as a chip or multi-chip package. We assume that the speed of processor (and associated variables, such as power supply voltage) can be controlled, and we model the dissipated power of a processor as a positive and strictly … Read more

On Time-Invariant Purified-Output-Based Discrete Time Control

In 05/25/05, we have demonstrated that the family of all affine non-anticipative output-based control laws in a discrete time linear dynamical system affected by uncertain disturbances is equivalent, as far as state-control trajectories are concerned, to the family of all affine non-anticipative “purified-output-based” control laws. The advantage of the latter representation of affine controls … Read more

Extending Scope of Robust Optimization: Comprehensive Robust Counterparts of Uncertain Problems

In this paper, we propose a new methodology for handling optimization problems with uncertain data. With the usual Robust Optimization paradigm, one looks for the decisions ensuring a required performance for all realizations of the data from a given bounded uncertainty set, whereas with the proposed approach, we require also a controlled deterioration in performance … Read more