Orthogonal projection algorithm for projecting onto a fnitely generated cone

In this paper, an algorithm is proposed to find the nearest point of a convex cone to a given vector, which is composed of a series of orthogonal projections. Some properties of this algorithm, including the reasonability of implementation, the global convergence property and the finite termination, etc., are obtained. The proposed algorithm is more … Read more

Approximation of Matrix Rank Function and Its Application to Matrix Rank Minimization

Matrix rank minimization problem is widely applicable in many fields such as control, signal processing and system identification. However, the problem is in general NP-hard, and it is computationally hard to solve directly in practice. In this paper, we provide a new kind of approximation functions for the rank of matrix, and the corresponding approximation … Read more

On Duality Theory for Non-Convex Semidefinite Programming

In this paper, with the help of convex-like function, we discuss the duality theory for nonconvex semidefinite programming. Our contributions are: duality theory for the general nonconvex semidefinite programming when Slater’s condition holds; perfect duality for a special case of the nonconvex semidefinite programming for which Slater’s condition fails. We point out that the results … Read more