D-optimal Data Fusion: Exact and Approximation Algorithms

We study the D-optimal Data Fusion (DDF) problem, which aims to select new data points, given an existing Fisher information matrix, so as to maximize the logarithm of the determinant of the overall Fisher information matrix. We show that the DDF problem is NP-hard and has no constant-factor polynomial-time approximation algorithm unless P = NP. … Read more

Strengthened Bounds for the Probability of k-Out-Of-n Events

Abstract: Given a set of n random events in a probability space, represented by n Bernoulli variables (not necessarily independent,) we consider the probability that at least k out of n events occur. When partial distribution information, i.e., individual probabilities and all joint probabilities of up to m (m< n) events, are provided, only an ... Read more

Covering Linear Programming with Violations

We consider a class of linear programs involving a set of covering constraints of which at most k are allowed to be violated. We show that this covering linear program with violation is strongly NP-hard. In order to improve the performance of mixed-integer programming (MIP) based schemes for these problems, we introduce and analyze a … Read more