Rigorous global filtering methods with interval unions

This paper presents rigorous filtering methods for constraint satisfaction problems based on the interval union arithmetic. Interval unions are finite sets of closed and disjoint intervals that generalize the interval arithmetic. They allow a natural representation of the solution set of interval powers, trigonometric functions and the division by intervals containing zero. We show that … Read more

Transposition theorems and qualification-free optimality conditions

New theorems of the alternative for polynomial constraints (based on the Positivstellensatz from real algebraic geometry) and for linear constraints (generalizing the transposition theorems of Motzkin and Tucker) are proved. Based on these, two Karush-John optimality conditions — holding without any constraint qualification — are proved for single- or multi-objective constrained optimization problems. The first … Read more

Sharpening the Karush-John optimality conditions

A refined version of the Karush-John first order optimality conditions is presented which reduces the number of constraints for which a constraint qualification is needed. This version is a generalization both of the Karush-John conditions and of the first order optimality conditions for concave constraints. Article Download View Sharpening the Karush-John optimality conditions