Maximizing a class of submodular utility functions with constraints

Motivated by stochastic 0-1 integer programming problems with an expected utility objective, we study the mixed-integer nonlinear set: $P = \cset{(w,x)\in \reals \times \set{0,1}^N}{w \leq f(a’x + d), b’x \leq B}$ where $N$ is a positive integer, $f:\reals \mapsto \reals$ is a concave function, $a, b \in \reals^N$ are nonnegative vectors, $d$ is a real … Read more

Maximizing expected utility over a knapsack constraint

The expected utility knapsack problem is to pick a set of items whose values are described by random variables so as to maximize the expected utility of the total value of the items picked while satisfying a constraint on the total weight of items picked. We consider the following solution approach for this problem: (i) … Read more