A fully mixed-integer linear programming formulation for economic dispatch with valve-point effects, transmission loss and prohibited operating zones

Economic dispatch (ED) problem considering valve-point effects (VPE), transmission loss and prohibited operating zones (POZ) is a very challenging issue due to its intrinsic non-convex, non-smooth and non-continuous natures. To achieve a near globally solution, a fully mixed-integer linear programming (FMILP) formulation is proposed for such an ED problem. Since the original loss function is … Read more

Solution for short-term hydrothermal scheduling with a logarithmic size MILP formulation

Short-term hydrothermal scheduling (STHS) is a non-convex and non-differentiable optimization problem that is difficult to solve efficiently. One of the most popular strategy is to reformulate the complicated STHS by various linearization techniques that makes the problem easy to solve. However, in this process, a large number of extra continuous variables, binary variables and constraints … Read more

New active set identification for general constrained optimization and minimax problems

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the problem of identifying the active constraints for general constrained nonlinear programming and constrained minimax problems at an isolated local solution. Facchinei et al. [F. Facchinei, A. Fischer, and C. Kanzow, On the accurate identification of active constraints, SIAM J. Optim., 9(1998), 14-32] proposed an effective technique … Read more