Branch-and-bound and objective branching with three objectives

The recent success of bi-objective Branch-and-Bound (B&B) algorithms heavily relies on the efficient computation of upper and lower bound sets. Besides the classical dominance test, bound sets are used to improve the computational time by imposing inequalities derived from (partial) dominance in the objective space. This process is called objective branching since it is mostly … Read more

Nonconvex Constrained Optimization by a Filtering Branch and Bound

A major difficulty in optimization with nonconvex constraints is to find feasible solutions. As simple examples show, the alphaBB-algorithm for single-objective optimization may fail to compute feasible solutions even though this algorithm is a popular method in global optimization. In this work, we introduce a filtering approach motivated by a multiobjective reformulation of the constrained … Read more

Solving structured nonlinear least-squares and nonlinear feasibility problems with expensive functions

We present an algorithm for nonlinear least-squares and nonlinear feasibility problems, i.e. for systems of nonlinear equations and nonlinear inequalities, which depend on the outcome of expensive functions for which derivatives are assumed to be unavailable. Our algorithm combines derivative-free techniques with filter trust-region methods to keep the number of expensive function evaluations low and … Read more

Optimal location of family homes for dual career couples

The number of dual-career couples with children is growing fast. These couples face various challenging problems of organizing their lifes, in particular connected with childcare and time-management. As a typical example we study one of the difficult decision problems of a dual career couple from the point of view of operations research with a particular … Read more