A multicommodity flow model for rerouting and retiming trains in real-time to reduce reactionary delay in complex station areas

By rerouting and retiming trains in real-time, the propagation of reactionary delay in complex station areas can be reduced. In this study, we propose a new optimisation model and solution algorithm that can be used to determine the best combination of route and schedule changes to make. Whilst several models have been proposed to tackle … Read more

Bi-objective branch–and–cut algorithms: Applications to the single source capacitated facility location problem

Most real–world optimization problems are of a multi–objective nature, involving objectives which are conflicting and incomparable. Solving a multi–objective optimization problem requires a method which can generate the set of rational compromises between the objectives. In this paper, we propose two distinct bound set based branch–and–cut algorithms for bi–objective combinatorial optimization problems, based on implicitly … Read more