Nonlinear Programming Strategies on High-Performance Computers

We discuss structured nonlinear programming problems arising in control applications, and we review software and hardware capabilities that enable the efficient exploitation of such structures. We focus on linear algebra parallelization strategies and discuss how these interact and influence high-level algorithmic design elements required to enforce global convergence and deal with negative curvature in a … Read more

An Inertia-Free Filter Line-Search Algorithm for Large-Scale Nonlinear Programming

We present a filter line-search algorithm that does not require inertia information about the linear system to ensure global convergence. The proposed approach performs curvature tests along the search step to ensure descent. This feature permits more modularity in the linear algebra, enabling the use of a wider range of iterative and decomposition strategies. We … Read more

Solving Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow Problems by a Structure Exploiting Interior Point Method

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate a new approach to solve the linearized (n-1) security constrained optimal power flow (SCOPF) problem by a structure exploiting interior point solver. Firstly, we present a reformulation of the linearized SCOPF model, in which most matrices that need to be factorized are constant. Hence, most factorizations and … Read more